Why We Need the #IndieWeb: A Short History

Why We Need the #IndieWeb: A Short History (Desert of My Real Life)

Back in 1993, as a young computer science graduate student, I created my first web page. To do so, I had to learn a new language, HyperText Markup Language (html), which was pretty easy for me as someone who had been programming in Cobol, PL/I, C, Basic, and so on, since high school. My web pages co…

Great post from Cathie LeBlanc on her IndieWeb journey.

We build professional networks of people we’ve never met in real life entirely through our and their use of these social media platforms. We talk about managing our digital identity even when that identity exists exclusively on these sites that are owned by large corporations like Facebook and Twitter. The lowered tech skill and knowledge threshold for entry into this digital world has allowed our parents and grandparents and virtually everyone with access to a digital device to develop their own web presence.


The IndieWeb is an experimental answer to the corporate web of Facebook, Twitter, and so on. The IndieWeb movement wants to bring us back to a time when our digital identity is created and hosted on our own web pages.

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