Micro-Writing is Having a Macro Impact on Identity Development

Micro-Writing is Having a Macro Impact on Identity Development – EdSurge News (EdSurge)

Students in my freshman English class have incredible stories to tell, but they aren’t always eager to share them.A quick scan of the room makes it …

Bryan Christopher in EdSurge.

Building a classroom community in which all students feel valued and respected, and creating a learning space where everyone feels safe openly sharing their stories will take a lot of work. We need low-stakes, shareable writing assignments to break the ice, so I use micro-writing exercises as often as possible.


In my classes, micro-writing assignments help students develop and strengthen their identities. In a room full of reluctant writers, I can sense tangible fear of a blank page even after I assure my students that their papers won’t be graded. Many of them believe they can’t write a “good” essay and they are hesitant to even try—but everyone can write one great sentence, and a sentence is where it all starts.

Christopher shares three of his favorite exercises:

  1. Six word compositions
  2. 3-2-1s
  3. Sentence Starters

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