Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape

Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape (More in Common)

This report examines the landscape of American public opinion through the lens of seven population segments that emerged from a large-scale representative national survey of Americans concluded in early 2018. We call them America’s hidden tribes. They are hidden because what they have in common is a shared set of beliefs, values, and identities that shape the way they see the world, rather than visible external traits such as age, race or gender. We describe them as tribes because their behavior is often governed by a strong sense of shared identity and a collective adherence to core group principles.


In the era of social media and partisan news outlets, America’s differences have become dangerously tribal, fueled by a culture of outrage and taking offense. For the combatants, the other side can no longer be tolerated, and no price is too high to defeat them.

The full PDF is available here. I’ll start annotating in Hypothesis..please join me: hidden_tribes_report

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