Hacking Happiness in the Information Age

Hacking Happiness in the Information Age – Taking Note – Medium by (Medium)
Expert tips for cultivating lasting fulfillment
An interview from Evernote’s Taking Note blog on happiness, screentime, and balance in our lives. Some ideas of interest:

First, we need to stop thinking about happiness as a single monolithic concept. There are different kinds of happiness — and some are more fulfilling and long-term than others:

  • Short-term happiness: Psychologists refer to this as “hedonic” happiness, derived from the ancient Greek word for pleasure. This kind of gratification is brief and shallow; Ellen describes it as “tequila shot” happiness.

  • Long-term happiness: There’s also a deeper, lasting fulfillment known as “eudaimonic” happiness. Also from Greek, eudaimonia translates into “well-being.” This is the kind of happiness that we feel when we are truly at peace with our lives and ourselves.


Three ways to make happiness happen:

  1. Connectedness

  2. Acts of kindness

  3. Self-nurturing growth

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