Digital Mindfulness, Can It Exist?

Digital Mindfulness, Can It Exist? by Aaron Aaron
What might it mean to be ‘digitally mindful’ and does such a thing exist? I was a part of a discussion about technology and wellbeing today. It was framed around the work of Hugh van Cuylenburg and the Resilience Project. For van Cuylenburg our focus should be on gratitude, empathy and mindfulne...
Aaron Davis had a comprehensive overview of what we might mean by “digital mindfulness.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we interact with these digital tools and spaces, and the longterm impact they may have on our wellbeing. Perhaps just because we could allow these tools to be ubiquitous in our lives doesn’t mean that we should.

What concerns me is that in my weekly newsletter, I often track intersections between our lives and technology. What concerns me is the onslaught of stories about perfectionism, or perceived perfectionism in social networking behaviors. That is to say that we think we need to look perfect, and have the most perfect life in order to be on social media. If you’re not perfect…then the depression works its way in.

I’m also concerned as I see family members, especially my own children excited by these shiny screens…and become “blue” when they’re ordered to be done for the day.

I recently was part of a special themed issue for Pediatrics in which we all examined different aspects of this screentime debate. You can read more about this work and some of our next steps here.

The “truth” is that I think we’re actively experimenting with these texts and tools. With great power, also comes great responsibility. I’m actively questioning whether or not I’m seeing a lot of that responsibility.

If this is the sort of topic you’re interested about…then we’re definitely interested in hearing more from you in our current research project.


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