Signal for encrypted instant messaging

Signal is an encrypted instant messaging and voice calling application for Android and iOS. It uses the internet to send one-to-one and group messages. You can include images, videos, as well as make voice calls. You should use this for your group, text, picture, and video messages. This means that you would use Signal instead of the default messaging … Continue reading Signal for encrypted instant messaging

How to Quickly Create a Livestream on YouTube

Here are the steps to create a livestream on YouTube: Sign into your YouTube account (Google account). Go to to launch a livestream. You can make your livestream public or unlisted. You can allow live comments from the audience or disable that feature. When you have completed your livestream it will be saved in your YouTube … Continue reading How to Quickly Create a Livestream on YouTube

These 7 Common Speaking Habits Undercut Your Credibility (Fast Company)
These simple behaviors are easy to fall into when you’re nervous, but they can make listeners think twice about taking you seriously.

Your credibility as speaker always hinges on what you’re saying, but it also has a lot to do with how you say it. When you’re nervous, these common bad habits are easy to miss, but paying a little more attention to how you look and sound can help you come across as someone really worth … Continue reading