12 tips to give a solid scholarly talk within a short time frame

12 tips to give a solid scholarly talk within a short time frame by Raul Pacheco-Vega (raulpacheco.org)
One of the things I’ve noticed at conferences, workshops and seminars is that we tend to overestimate our abilities to give a talk within a short time frame. I see this at MPSA, ISA, AAG, and all other scholarly conferences I attend. We KNOW in advance that we have only 10 minutes, 12 minutes at t...
1) state what you learned/found UPFRONT

2) don’t spend 7 minutes in context – don’t spend 4 minutes in literature review

3) NEVER go over your allotted time

4) clearly state PUZZLE

5) provide BRIEF context (<2 minutes)

6) describe methods, sampling BUT don’t dwell on this unless methods paper

7) INTERPRET table/results

8) when moderator says 2 minutes, go IMMEDIATELY to Results slide and explain Implications as you conclude and show Conclusions slide.

9) when moderator says STOP, you should STOP.

10) don’t talk down to your audience – we are specialist, just not in this specific area

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