​How Technology Affects The Way Our Brain Works

​How Technology Affects The Way Our Brain Works (World of Psychology)

​Technology has transformed the way we live, work, communicate and entertain ourselves. At the click of a button, we can conduct transactions, get information, learn new skills and even find love. Our generation has seen the most drastic jumps in technological advances and this has not only changed the way we perceive the world but also how our brains receive and process information. We seem unable to tear ourselves from our smartphones, tablets and innumerable social networking platforms, going so far as keeping our devices near us all day.

From PsychCentral:

  1. We now have shorter attention spans and are more distracted.
  2. We’ve improved our ability to multitask (at least we think we have).
  3. We’ve become tech addicts.
  4. Our face-to-face interactions have been undermined.
  5. We’re becoming more forgetful.


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